Peace through Kindness
Peace through Kindness

Peace - Kindness Tour 2016-17

On July 31 I depart Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm to continue the pilgrimage for peace that began in August of 2013 in India and has taken me coast to coast and more than 6,000 miles by foot. Now the feet have been replaced by the Yoga for Peace bus, coming soon to a town near you. Please check the blog below for schedule and Facebook to the right for updates and programs.



Pilgrimage Home Book Download

We are all on a journey home, to know the Peace and Love that is our highest nature. I've written this free book for you to share experiences and lessons from and for our Pilgrimage.



What is Peace through Kindness?

Peace-Kindness is not an organization, not a business, not a charity.  You will see no fundraising here, no e-commerce, no mass appeals for support.  It is instead a way of living through which peace may be shared and known


Peace is not anything you can see, touch or feel but it is a real force and all can know peace. Peace is your very birthright, it is your own true nature waiting to be uncovered!


At first we think that we can find happiness and peace if the world around us changes, but as we evolve we begin to learn that the happiness we seek can (only) be found by transforming our own self. We transform ourselves through stages of preparation, purification and relinquishment. 


In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus Christ tells us, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God." Peace is to be shared, and yet it cannot literally be made for it exists already in the heart of the one with absolute faith. In the world we want to know peace and yet this world is built of conflicting ideas and beliefs. If we fight about our beliefs there can be no peace, for our beliefs will never be the same as each other. Just as the myriad flowers in this world are we human beings; we come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and temperaments, and all various beliefs. To have real peace in the world acceptance is required. We are to accept others along with their beliefs in the same way that we accept all of the flowers; then peace is known.


How, then, can we be peacemakers? How can we sow peace in the world? In one word, with kindness. Each of us have the ability to be peaceful and beneficial, regardless of what happens around us. Kindness is an active divine force that each of us have at our beck and call, and our kindness creates an environment in which peace flourishes. Simply stated, kindness consists of beneficial thought, word and deed and is expressed through:

  • A loving Smile
  • Complete acceptance and respect of others
  • Listening fully
  • Compassion and Caring
  • Speaking only what is both true and helpful
  • Meeting our commitments


This, kindness, is our work for this time. Kindness is the cure for what ails us in exactly the same way as is the Golden Rule. Although we know it our practice of it is lacking, and this is both our challenge but also our biggest opportunity. Kindness changes the world. With less kindness it becomes darker and with more kindness it brightens and shimmers. This is the case for the world in general and for our own world, the one that we inhabit inside. You make a powerful difference in this world, regardless of what you think.


This is why I embarked on this pilgrimage, to share this message with my life as well as with prayer and words. I strive to set an example without preaching, to demonstrate the power of the Light within us, and to serve in any way that I can to share kindness as and with the message. The Power within you, the Love within you, the Kindness within you, is unimaginable and yet it is you. Through your own effort you can tap it, you can know the Peace that all of the great teachers throughout time have inspired us to.


This site, and my life, is dedicated to the great potential of each human being, to the very Life force that pulsates through all, and to all of the Peacemakers that have come before, are with us today, and will be with us in the future.  Thank you all.  

In the words of PEACE PILGRIM, "This is the way of Peace.  Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with Love.  It is the only way."  We may apply this rule both inside and outside, with all that we see. Let us always be kind, in every situation and with every person and thing. Let us practice this together. 

May all beings know Peace.

Peace through Kindness is not a company or an organization, it is a way to live in order to achieve our fullest potential. Please read on and participate to the fullest :-)!


Highest blessings to you, may all beings know Peace.


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